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By Dr. Dip

Recently, I was shocked when a friend told me that I live a double life. I didn’t understand what he meant. He told me that during daylight hours, I’m a respectable young business professional. But at night I transform into Dr. Dip. The Rashad that he knew burned the midnight oil studying accounting, economics, and finance. But this Dr. Dip guy spends all of his available time dancing Salsa and Bachata. After he and his wife watched my Bachata Dancing competition video on YouTube, they said that I was doing “Latin Dirty Dancing”!

What they call “Dirty Dancing”, we call Bachata, which is a sensual dance originating in the Dominican Republic. The Bachateros (Bachata dancer partners) can dance holding hands or hands-free. When the dancers aren’t holding hands, the Bachateros become one; each dancer’s chest is pressed against the other and their inner thighs are connected to each other like glue. The dancers will synchronize their bodies with the Bachata music and move in a side to side motion.

Initially, I was a little nervous dancing Bachata for the following reasons: 1) Focusing my eyes on beautiful women and staying on beat worried me. 2) What if I got too excited? 3) How could I dance Bachata when I couldn’t slow dance in high school?

After listening to hours of Bachata music, I began to learn the rhythm of the music. Once I got the rhythm, I was able to connect my body and feet with the music. Finally, I was able to add my patented Salsa Dip to my Bachata dancing. Then Jose, an Atlanta Bachata instructor taught me how do the Bachata lift. After I added the my dip and Bachata Lift to my game, Dr. Dip became an official Bachatero!

The following is a description of a Bachata dance with Dr. Dip: The music begins and I slowly place my right forearm on her back, placing my right hand on her right should blade. I’ll use my hand and forearm to bring her towards me and connect our bodies together. Our inner thighs will connect our legs together and a portion of our chests will press against each other. After we are connected, we will move our bodies side to side in unison. When I’m ready to execute my Bachata Dip, I’ll place both of my hand on her shoulder blades, slowly squat, and turn our torsos. Next comes the Bachata Lift – if she allows me – I will pick her up and she’ll wrap her legs around my back, we’ll we spin together, and then I’ll Dip her entire body down toward the ground.

After writing this, I see why my non-dance friends can’t relate to Dr. Dip. He really is nothing like the structured, intellectual, and business oriented guy named Rashad. My friend’s wife says some of her single friends are interested in dating Rashad but she warned me that once I start dating her friends Dr. Dip must disappear. She said “Dirty Dancing is only cool and sexy in the movies, not in real life.”

Sounds like I won’t be dating her friends!

Dirty Dancing: Dr. Dip Conquers His Fear Of Dancing With Women  was originally published on my927charlotte.com

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