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In the September 2012 issue of XXL magazine wrestling legend Ric Flair is interviewed by his biggest hip-hop fan, Killer Mike. In the QnA Mike Bigga shares his grappling knowledge and puts Flair up on his song named after him.

Killer Mike: I made a song called “Ric Flair” last year. Were you aware of that?

Ric Flair: Yes…but I never got a check.

Killer Mike: I’d love to give you a check. You come down to Altanta or I’ll come up to Charlotte and we’ll shoot the video..

Ric Flair: That’s fine. Bring your checkbook with you.

Killer Mike: There’s also a rapper by the name of Pusha T who does your classic “Wooo!”

Rick Flair: I haven’t got a check from him, either. We got that trademarked. Tell him I’ll be looking for him.

Pusha shouts out Ric Flair on “New God Flow.” We’re not sure if Rick is being serious or not but Pusha doesn’t want to be on that man’s bad side. Pick up the latest issue of XXL with Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre on the cover for the full story!

Listen to Killer Mike’s “Ric Flair” from his Pl3Dge album:

Who is Ric Flair you ask? Watch this classic footage of the flamboyant wrestler.

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