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Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has reportedly trimmed his list of Vice Presidential candidates down to three men, Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, and Senator Rob Portman of Indiana. While there is speculation that Romney has already made up his mind on his choice, the theatrics rule as the GOP candidate strings the selection out throughout the summer. Ryan, who has authored the Perublicans guideline to fiscal recovery, a plan that will practically kill Medicare & Medicaid as we know it, has seemingly always been the front-runner.

Portman and Pawlenty are the more “safe” choices, politicians who certainly won’t outshine the nominee at the Republican National Convention later this month. However, with Ryan, comes risk. His choice would certainly be approved by the conservative right wing, but there are factions of the GOP who would not be happy with that selection because it is their belief that choosing Ryan would basically gift-wrap the Presidency for Barack Obama.