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For People magazine’s Father’s Day issue, R&B singer/songwriter Ne-Yo strikes a pose with his two adorable children, 18-month-old Madilyn Grace and 8-month-old Mason Evan. Ne-Yo describes the children’s personalities and where he believes his daughter gets her fashion sense.

“Madi’s a little rough and tumbles with me because she was my first kid, so all of the little boy things I wanted to do, I did with her. She and I wrestle,” Ne-Yo says. “[Mason is] the most mellow baby on the planet.”

Not only does little Madi love playing with kitchenware and dancing in front of the mirror, but she loves fashion, too. A trait for which Ne-Yo takes credit.

“She loves clothes. You could put three dresses in front of her and she’ll pick her favorite, and normally it’s the flyest one,” he says. “I’m thinking she gets that from me. Yeah! Daddy’s fashion sense!