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When I first heard about this, my first thought was no way.   Then, when I heard it was the state of West Virginia, well, it all made sense. I’ve never been to West Virginia, and hold no grudges against any West Virginians, but I think it’s not only an insult to the President of our beloved United States, but it is an insult to our nation as well.    This state has made no secret that it’s majority does not support our President, the reasons vary, and it’s fair if that is their choice.

Since Barack Obama took office, there has been insult after insult to him personally, and to the office of the Presidency. He has shown remarkable resistance to respond or denounce any of it, staying above the fray. Gotta admire that in any person, especially when he represents what is America’s greatest asset,    The fact that if you work hard and play by the rules, you CAN succeed.

The idea that voters, no matter their race, religion, or personal beliefs, would enter a voting booth a pull the lever for a prison inmate, Keith Judd, who is currently serving time in a West Virginia state prison, is just beyond anything I could ever imagine.    I get that there’s an element of Americans who do not like the President.    I didn’t like George Bush, either one of them, but I wouldn’t cast a ballot that Americans of all races died to allow me the privelege on a convicted criminal for President.

If the message being sent is “we hate you that much”, well, that is a sad, sad portrait of the state of West Virginia.    So much so, that even West Virginia’s GOP Chairman Mike Stuart said the vote was an embarrassment for “our great state”. Thankfully, some West Virginians who do not support the President just chose to stay home rather than vote for a prison inmate.   Now THAT is the democratic process.