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Singer and “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard is officially single after filing for divorce in November 2011.

Studdard also gets to take all his music royalties with him, due to a prenuptial agreement.

He and his now former wife, Surata Zuri McCants, separated due to irreconcilable differences. During their heated divorce, reports TMZ, McCants tried to convince the judge to invalidate the prenup, claiming the singer forced her to sign the documents days before the wedding.

The judge, however, moved on with the divorce and did not order Studdard to make any payments to his ex, including future alimony. Studdard was awarded his house, belongings, and all income and possessions he’s earned.

McCants was awarded her wedding dress, photo albums, a 2006 BMW and a $10,000 property settlement.