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Patrick Gaspard is the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee. Prior to joining the DNC, Gaspard served as Assistant to the President and the Director of Political Affairs for the White House. He was Associate Director of Personnel for the Presidential Transition Team, and National Political Director for the President’s campaign.

Gaspard and I discussed the president’s remarks at FAU on Tuesday. Gaspard focused on the “Buffet Rule” millionaires and billionaires should be paying the same effective tax rates as middle class Americans are and it’s only fair and it is what’s gonna lift this entire nation.”

President Barack Obama remarks on the Economy at Florida Atlantic University delivered by the White House

“So let me ask you: What’s a better way to make our economy stronger? Giving another $150,000 tax break to every millionaire and billionaire in the country? Or making investments in education and research and healthcare and our veterans?”

“If you’re here at FAU because you got financial aid or a student loan or a scholarship, which is how I was able to go to college, that doesn’t just benefit you. It benefits whatever company might profit from the skills you’ve learned here. If one of you goes on to become the next Steve Jobs, or discovers a medical breakthrough, think about all the people whose lives you’ll changes for the better.”

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