Oakland, California police received a 911 call at 10:33am Monday from Oikos University that a woman was bleeding. Oakland Police Chief Howard Jones said that when police arrived to the small university 5 people were dead at the scene. It was chaotic on campus said Howard.

Police tried to get to students but the door was locked and they could not get in. Officers thought the alledged shooter was still on campus but he was gone. Witnesses identified the shooter as a former nursing student L. Goh. Students told police that more than 10 shots were fired.

There was a chaotic manhunt for the shooter, L. Goh was arrested without incident one hour later at a Safeway Grocery Store. A store clerk called police because a man was in the store looking suspious.

Pastor Jong Kim founded the university 10 years which specializes in theology to Asian medicine. Pastor Kim was not sure if the suspect was expelled or dropped out of school. Kim said he heard 30 rapid rounds of gunfire and locked himself in his office.

Witnesses think that Goh had an issue with another student but there is still no motive. An investigation is underway.

The shooting at Oikos University left 5 people dead at the scene, 2 people died at the hospital. Two shooting victims remain in the hospital and another victim has been released from the hospital.



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