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UPDATE: The Virginia General Assembly ended the 2012 session last Saturday with no state budget. Both members in the House and Senate must vote on the most important bill and that is the state’s biennial budget. The House has voted on a budget but the Senate has not. The members plan to be in talks about the budget this Wednesday.

What happens if there is no state budget? Delegate Joe Morrissey has an answer

The balance of power has been decided in Virginia General Assembly and the power goes to the Republicans.

  The new state Senate will include 20 seats for Republicans and 20 seats for Democrats, but Republican Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, who presides over the senate, will break any tie vote. The GOP also controls the House of Delegates.

Virginia General Assembly is in session through March.

Governor Bob McDonnell is confident and said the Republican wins in Virginia are a “repudiation” of President Obama‘s policies. The Republicans picked up six seats in the House of Delegates, giving the GOP the highest number of seats in the state House ever.  According to Governor McDonnell, the Republican wins in the General Assembly gives the party momentum heading into the presidential election for 2012.

The local, state and senatorial primaries will be held on Tuesday, June 12, 2012. The General Election is Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Learn about the General Assembly here: http://legis.virginia.gov/1_home/cit_welcome.html

House of Delegate Member Contacts here: http://dela.state.va.us/dela/MemBios.nsf/MWebsiteTL?OpenView

Senate Member Contacts here: http://sov.state.va.us/SenatorDB.nsf/$$Viewtemplate+for+WMembershipHome?OpenForm

Register to vote, check your voter status, poll location and district here: www.sbe.virginia.gov

Start the process of getting your rights restored if convicted of a felony here: www.commonwealth.virginia.gov

What is the role of Virginia government? State Law, Court Opinion and US Code: http://law.onecle.com/virginia/

From the desk of Governor Bob McDonnell: www.governor.virginia.gov/MediaLibrary/galleries.cfm


You are now connected to Virginia’s government, please utilize these links.  Miss Community

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