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FROM FLYNEWS: Whitney Houston’s first concert in Britain in more than a decade has received mixed reviews with some fans describing it as “horrendous,” The BBC reports.

The 46-year-old singer kicked off the European leg of her tour in Birmingham, playing to a sold-out crowd after battling an upper respiratory infection for the past two weeks. Houston was forced to postpone a concert in Paris and her first three gigs in the UK while she recovered, but a number of fans were left confused and $200 poorer after Houston croaked her way through her signature ballads, often failing to hit the right notes during last night’s show.

According to’s “Snap, Crackle, Pop” Column, the diva was booed by fans on a number of occasions during a set. And don’t get us started on her shaky rendition of “I Will Always Love You.” Many fans turned to the Internet to voice their displeasure with Houston’s show:

On Twitter, SymphonyUK said: “It’s a shame Whitney didn’t lip-synch, like Britney did.”

One fan told London’s Daily Mail: “I was waiting for the Trading Standards guys to call a halt and offer us our money back. It was a con, a rip off. It wasn’t a concert.”

One fan told a local radio station: “She was rasping and rambling. She couldn’t sing, it was horrendous and I shall be asking for my money back.”

“The Sun” newspaper: “Time and crack addiction – which she claims to have beaten – have not been kind to her once astonishing voice. It is now deeper and huskier. Houston, we still have a problem.” READ MORE HERE!

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