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Sean “Diddy” Combs hit the “Today Show” couch to chat with Al Roker and company about “Undefeated,” the film that won an Academy Award for Best Documentary.

While folks were tweeting last Sunday night that “Diddy won an Oscar”….and Sean Combs did nothing to correct them at the time. Of course, after all the hype died, he decided to clear things up.

Combs cleared-up the fact that only the documentary producers and director (Rich Middlemas, TJ Martin and Dan Lindsay) actually received Oscars. Since Diddy’s only role was as an Executive Producer who was more of a financier, and not hands-on with the making of the film, he doesn’t receive an award. He does receive a return on his investment should the film make a profit though.

Diddy called himself the Martin Scorsese Jr. of the film.

He does, however, promote the film everywhere he goes. And says, he is extremely excited for the producers.

“Undefeated” is now playing in major cities across the nation.