In addition to hosting “The View” and “The Newlywed Game”, and her “30 Rock” appearances, the stand-up comedienne is revisiting the big screen in the film adaptation of Janet Evanovich’s wildly popular mystery series, “One for the Money” starring Katherine Heigl.

“I love working,” says Shepherd. “If somebody took away my jobs, I don’t know what I would do. I’m just the kind of person who has to stay busy.”

Shepherd is also writing a book on healthy living and is in talks to star and executive produce a new buddy comedy sitcom.

Here are some highlights from Sherri’s recent interview with You spend so much of your time working on television; do you ever miss the movie set?

SHERRI SHEPHERD: “I miss it a lot; which is why I’m so appreciative when I book a part. It’s hard being in New York when they cast out of LA, and I can’t just fly out there when I have to work. I love the entire process of being on the set and being able to create a character. It’s so much fun. I’ll do it for free simply because I love being on the set with other creative people.” Another book you’re part of bringing to the big screen is “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” Are you on board with the advice offered in this book?

SHEPHERD: Girl, I brought a copy for all my girlfriends. What I took from the book that worked for me was not waiting a long time before you let a man meet your kid. When you wait a year, you’ve invested so much time in a relationship and you don’t know how they will get along. I really watched the relationship between my son [Jeffrey] and husband [Lamar Sally] when were dating. If at any moment it wasn’t working, I would have broken up with him. How do you juggle these different roles, TV hosts, actress, mother and wife, without overwhelming yourself?

SHEPHERD: I try to make Jeffrey the priority and everything else I work around. I try to get a majority of stuff done while he is in school, so I can spend the nights with him. My priority is my husband and my son. Believe me, I say no to a lot of things when it pulls me away too much from my family.

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