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          Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is a staunch Republican and conservative, and as the President of the United States arrived in her state last week, she appeared to have a not so hospitable moment as he stepped off of Air Force One.  There was the “You Lie” shout during last year’s State Of The Union, there’s the hateful posters of President Obama  portrayed as a Nazi, there’s GOP candidate Newt Gingrich constantly referring to the Commander-In-Chief as the “Food Stamp” President.  And now, here’s the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, the face of the party, comparing our President to the Captain of the recently wrecked cruise ship in Italy, suggesting that Obama has killed innocent people and left them to die or fend for themselves?   Has anyone observed that these Republicans will say or do just about anything negative about or in reference to the Presaident.  Hmmm.   I wonder what that’s all about?