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          You hate to see it happen to any player, especially when he’s a member of “your” team.  In this case, it was Kyle Williams, the San Francisco 49ers punt returner, who by all accounts is a heckuva player, but on Sunday, he made two costly mistakes that cost the 49ers a chance to go to Super Bowl XLVI.  Certainly, mistakes are a part of the game as is the agony of defeat, but San Francisco fans are hungry, and now they’re angry.  And they’re taking their anger out on Williams.  According to his father, Kenny Williams, who is General Manager of the Chicago White Sox, his son received several death threat on social media networks.  SF fans on Twitter completely berated Williams for his costly errors in Sunday’s game, especially the fumble that led to the Giants game-winning field goal.  Williams’ dad questions where the culture of sports is going with fans taking a game seriously enough to threaten a player’s life.