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A five minute explicit sex tape featuring the late rapper Tupac Shakur will be coming to the market.

Reportedly, an unnamed individual is taking offers for the tape, which was shot in 1991.

The scene features a bunch of groupies in the living room of a house, when a shirtless Tupac walks into the room with his pants down.

He picks one of the women in the room, who begins to perform oral sex on Tupac, as he dances around to an unreleased song, while being pleasured.

During the same explicit scene, Digital Underground group member Money B. walks over to Tupac, who puts his arm around Money B., while he receives oral sex, smoking a blunt.

Sources say,Tupac and Money B even carry on a conversation while this is going on.

We tend to be skeptical of these types of rumors, in the absence of evidence, but we have to admit this story has a significant ring of truth to it. After all, five years later Tupac did make an X-rated music video (with a censored cut for television, of course) for “How Do U Want It.”

What’s even more curious is, where has this tape been the last the 20-years. Did the tape get mixed into a bunch of old VHS tapes and sold at a garage sale by a relative of a Digital Underground member? Was it submitted to Death Row Records thanks to its inclusion of an unreleased song, and then copied by an unscrupulous intern or interloper? The world may never know.