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A registered sex offender living in the D.C. area has been impersonating Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Vince Young — making money off fake appearances, taking photos with sick children and threatening women once they figure out his true identity.

Young’s management agency, EAG Sports Management, says Young’s impostor is 46-year-old Stephan Pittman of Fort Washington, Md. The agency says it has been aware of Pittman’s actions since June.

A search of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Sex Offender Database shows Pittman was placed on probation for the sexual assault of a 23-year-old woman in Texas in 2009.

EAG Sports Management’s CEO Denise White says Pittman has lured women by impersonating Vince Young, making appearances in local hospitals and various charity events, including one with former heavyweight boxing champion Riddick Bowe.

“What his M.O. really is, is getting women to trust him, and then asking them for money to donate to his foundation,” says White. “Obviously the money doesn’t go to the real Vince Young Foundation, it goes into (Pittman’s) pocket.”

White says Pittman has threatened women once they figure out he is not an NFL quarterback.

“We just had a gal today that we talked to, and (Pittman’s) last words to her were, ‘Good luck on your recovery,’ ” White says.

“I heard that he has been taking money, taking pictures with little kids at hospitals,” Young told the media Monday. “It’s been real sick.”

Young’s agency says NFL Player Security has been in contact with Prince George’s County Police.

Prince George’s County Police Spokeswoman Julie Parker says there have been no complaints about Pittman.

Young is a backup to current Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Vince Young had previously spent four seasons with the Tennessee Titans.