Can I tell you how much I love this “lost” excuse when it comes to cell phones, laptops, cameras and other devices used to reveal celebrity scandals? I guard my cell phone with my life simply to avoid paying the $140 insurance on it. So I can only imagine the lengths I would go to protect it if it had some seriously damning information. So when someone who has much to gain from “losing” their cell – I don’t buy it.

Recently, Christina Elizabeth, 23, an aspiring Houston-based singer, claims she “lost” her cell phone that contained inappropriate threads of text messages from Alicia Keys’ husband, music producer Swizz Beatz. And by some turn of bad luck, it was discovered by someone who saw the value in sharing the contents of said device with a gossip website. So now there are screenshots of alleged sext conversations between her and producer/artist Swizz Beatz. Ouch!

According to Christina Elizabeth, this has forced her to come from behind Twitter to talk about her (alleged) relationship with Swizz Beatz.

During a recent interview, Christina Elizabeth claimed that she and Swizz have had a thing going on since 2007. At the time Swizz was still married to his first wife, Mashonda, who confronted Christina when she found out her husband was creeping. Since divorcing Mashonda and marrying Alicia Keys, Christina said she and Swizz Beatz have had limited contact (and they haven’t seen each other) until recently. Lately, she claims, he’s been trying to get that “old thing” back.

Asked why she has gone public with this alleged information, Christina Elizabeth claims, “because it was super embarrassing”, and she wanted to set the record straight since she has received so much negativity. She also says, she hasn’t accepted any money from Swizz, they had a friendship that turned sexual occasionally, and that she also wasn’t using Swizz in any way to help boost her aspiring musical career as a singer.

Christina insists that music or fame is not the motive for her revealing the details of her alleged affair with Alicia Keys’ husband. She says, she doesn’t condone affair with married men, but that she has been cheated on in the past, and hurt people sometimes hurt other people.

We all know that images of text messages can be photoshopped, but Swizz Beatz (real name Kasseem Dean) did cheat on his first wife, so it is possible he is doing the same thing to Alicia Keys. But since I don’t know the truth, I wish all innocent parties “the best” and all guilty parties “the chance to get right with the world”.

Anyway… if you lost your phone, would the contents of your chats and texts get you in trouble if they were made available to friends, employers and significant other?

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