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NEW YORK-A surveillance video shows that Denise Gay, a mother  who was an innocent bystander killed in a crossfire of bullets on Monday five blocks from where the labor day parade was may have been killed by police bullets.

The video, which has not been released to the public shows alleged blood member, Leroy Webster shooting Eusi Johnson and then being confronted by police who he fires on. Police returned fire on Webster, killing him. Police are now saying that Webster’s gun did not kill Gay.

The New York Daily News reports:

From two doors down came Tashmaya’s cries. Her 56-year-old mother had been hit in the head by a bullet while pushing her to safety.

Police now say Webster’s gun did not fire the bullet that killed Gay. Cops would later say that two male witnesses saw a muzzle flash from a gun in Eusi’s hand.

In the videos, I did not see Eusi with a gun, but I was focused on Webster. A close examination of the footage might or might not show otherwise.

The police should release the footage, as they often have with other videos. Let everybody see for himself.

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