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Janet Jackson is showing off her ridiculously sexy body in a new photoshoot for Blackglama.

For the second year in-a-row, Janet, 45, has been the face of Blackglama, a black-furred mink company. The black-furred mink is characterized as “the richest, deepest, most lustrous dark mink with the lightest, most flexible leather”.

The CEO of Blackglama had this to say about Janet:

“It became clear in our discussions of who the Legend should be this year, that continuing the momentum with Janet made complete sense,” says Joe Morelli, CEO of Blackglama. “She embodies glamour, luxury and sophistication, everything that Blackglama stands for.”

Once again, Janet is sparking the expected outrage from animal rights group PETA, and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson – who said Janet Jackson is being “greedy”.

In an interview with Out magazine, Pam Anderson said, “It’s disappointing. She has spoken out against fur before. I don’t know why some people stop listening to their heart. I guess some people get greedy, but it’s sad.”

PETA responded with this blog post:

Surely she considered the “fan fallout” from this unwise, uncaring decision, which is supremely …

Tacky, cruel, inexcusable—help me out, people, are …

You as disappointed by her decision as I am? Join us in asking Janet to donate the stolen skins so that they can be used as bedding for orphaned animals.

A statement on Blackglama’s website from CEO Joe Morelli writes, “Throughout its illustrious history Blackglama has remained a dynamic and powerful player in the fashion industry. Much like Blackglama, Janet Jackson has remained a similar player in her respective industry. Janet is an icon in the world of music and entertainment a true legend.”