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Matt Damon took to the streets of Washington D.C. on Saturday (July 30) to protest with teachers in a rally against standardized testing.

Damon joined forces with a number of educators for the ‘Save Our Schools March’ to push for change and put an end to the current practice of measuring students’ intelligence with exams.

Addressing the crowd, he said, “As I look at my life today, the things that I value about myself, my imagination, my love of acting, my passion for writing, my love of learning, my curiosity, came from the way that I was parented and taught. And none of these qualities that I just mentioned, none of these qualities that I prize so deeply, none of these qualities that have brought me so much joy, that have made me so successful professionally, none of these qualities that make me who I am can be tested.”

The issue is particularly personal to Damon – his mother is a teacher and he has 3 young children set to enroll in America’s schooling systems in the coming years.

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