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A month after comedian Dave Chappelle popped up in New York to give a crowd-rousing spur-of-the-moment performance, the former Chappelle’s Show star performed at a Miami charity event to amuse guests with an hour-long comedy routine.

But, while rumors of a new project in the works swirled with the success of his New York show, his Miami show flopped.

“This Dave Chappelle set is bizarre,” CNN’s Roland S. Martin tweeted Friday night while at former NBA star Alonzo Mourning’s Zo’s Summer Groove fundraiser. “He’s spent more time going back & forth with one audience member, & pretty much stopped telling jokes.”

But wait… there’s more.

Apparently Chappelle had important phone calls to attend to…during the performance.

“One woman just yelled, ‘Can you tell a joke so we can enjoy ourselves!’ He got texted four times during his show and actually checked them,” according to Martin. “Then Dave started talking to me, asking if I was putting this on CNN. Yes, from the stage! He’s been on stage 46 minutes & told one joke.”

While Chappelle’s reps have yet to comment on the stand-up misstep, Martin went on to say someone in Chappelle’s camp told him the comedian hates hecklers, and when he started getting heckled on stage that threw him off and he wasn’t able to get things back on track.