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Virginia Republican Representative Eric Cantor and President Obama butted heads yesterday after a White House meeting to solve the nation’s high debt crisis turned sour.

Officials familiar with the talks said that while the President tried to wrap the meeting, Obama said “Enough is enough. … I’ll see you all tomorrow,” in response to Cantor’s comments before abruptly walking out of the meeting, said the Associated Press.

As the country suffers a $14.3 trillion debt and the August 2 deadline approaches, tensions rose in the room. Cantor along with many other Republicans in Congress said that more spending cuts need to be made, while President Obama disagrees, saying that he would rather increase taxes.

According to a Democratic aide, Cantor kept interrupting the president numerous times to express his support for short-term debt ceiling increases. However, at the end of the meeting, Cantor spoke to Capitol Hill reporters, disagreeing with the accusation that he rudely interrupted the President as he wrapped up the meeting, said POLITICO.

Though the President expressed yesterday that he is ready to end the bitter battle of the sides and reach an agreement, this disagreement along with others between him and members of Congress continue to prolong reaching a decision to ease the country’s debt.

–Kandis Wallace