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Are presidential elections about the incumbent or the new candidate? Republicans are stepping into the race to become the next President of the United States of America.

Will the unemployment rate of over 8% or gas prices from $1.68 to $3.50 play a factor in the re-election of President Obama or not?

Will the ObamaCare lawsuit filed by Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli play a role in President Obama winning Virginia again or not?

Virginia, the key battleground state, has been known as the Republican dominate voter state when it came to Presidential elections. Well, that was until Chicago Senator Barack Obama won Virginia in 2008 by a wide margin.

Virginia voters are you hyped, excited and ready to rally the vote across Virginia next year? Will you encourage others to get registered to vote or join an organizaton specializing in the voting process?

My Rolling for Freedom Project is getting Virginians registered to vote or starting the process of restoration of rights for ex-offenders now!

You want change, be that change you want to see-VOTE!   Miss Community Cloovia

Please view this article by Fox News on ‘Want to Know If Obama Will Win in 2012 -Just Look at the Numbers’