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As if we need to see and learn more about Amber Rose, she was spotted filming a reality show recently which means we may see her on TV in the fall.

Amber Rose, 28, the former girlfriend of Kanye West, who is currently dating Wiz Khalifa, was spotted filming on the beaches of Santa Monica playing volleyball.

Amber Rose’s reality show “Behind Her Shades” is expected to air on VH1 and will follow Amber as she embarks on a business venture to open a Sunglasses store.

“You’ll see the process that I have to go through in order to get it (the shop)…it’s not really easy to get a store and get people to come. My show is going be an open book of my life, my family and my businesses and it’s called Behind Her Shades because usually I have shades on and it’s everything that’s behind them that people don’t know about, but they’ll learn.”

Amber Rose says Kanye West always believed she’d be ‘iconic’.

“He would always tell me how beautiful I was and that I was going to be iconic. He always said that ‘Baby, you are iconic. You don’t understand what you have.’ I didn’t. I didn’t understand it. We didn’t talk about that. It just happened naturally and I built an entire fan base around the world.”