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Today is Kanye West’s 34th birthday! Now we all know that Mr. West loves to adorn himself with the finer things in life. The exclusive items that he purchases on a day-to-day basis would suffice for the average person’s birthday, Christmas and anniversary presents combined … for life! So in celebration of Yeezy’s birthday, June 8, why not recap eight of the most ridiculously gaudy gifts that he has presented to himself? After all, he probably thinks that his gifts are the best anyway!

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When Kanye feels like having Indian curry and fish for lunch, he flies it (and the head chef) in from the UK to New York for $4,000.

Visiting Egypt or the King Tut exhibition isn’t enough; Kanye needs the $300,000 gold Horus chain and pyramids ring to “set it off right.”

Mirrors are cool, but Kanye would prefer to look at a bejeweled image of himself in his $180,000 Tiret watch.

Kanye thought it was a good idea to permanently replace his bottom teeth with gold and diamonds. From what he tells Ellen DeGeneres, toothpaste is the perfect jewelry cleanser anyhow!

Kanye doesn’t like to ride in style… he rides above style! Kanye purchased a $1.7 million secret agent SLR Mercedesz-Benz McLaren.

Kanye makes his wildest dreams reality—he films “Runaway,” featuring a nude Phoenix, ballerinas, and a huge Michael Jackson float.

It makes perfect sense that Kanye wanted his $7 million LA home to be as smart and vivid as himself. His home is run by an elaborate computer matrix.

Who likes vixens with big mouths? Not Kanye. He paid Amber Rose a seven-figure “silence fee” to keep quiet about their relationship.