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The first of a series of blogs from NAACP Chairwoman, Roslyn Brock…

For the past year, I have had the extraordinary opportunity to carry the banner of the NAACP across this nation as an exemplar of the next generation of necessary leaders. This weekend, we gathered in Hollywood, FL for the 7th Annual NAACP Leadership Summit. As civic, community and business representatives, we were there to evaluate and have critical discourse about our continuing role in the pursuit of civil rights and social justice. This vital group of individuals between 30 -50 years of age that assembled, were those who are positioned to  provide leadership, for such organizations as the NAACP, their places of employment, their community,  and indeed the nation.

At this year’s summit, we sought to engage in conversations that will address such issues as access to adequate healthcare, employment, education, economic development and political empowerment. At the same time, opportunities were provided for participants to interact and continue to strengthen their networks and leadership skills, as we share in the common goals of achieving equity and justice for all citizens. It is our hope that our participants depart this Leadership 500 Summit, enlightened and inspired to join the NAACP in our journey to affirm America’s promise and ultimately, assume a position of leadership.

Please visit to watch our streamed general sessions, panel discussions, and roundtable discussions and visit to find some blog pieces written by many of the people who attended our summit this weekend.


The future is calling and with your help, the NAACP will answer!

Roslyn M. Brock


NAACP National Board of Directors