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Wess Morgan will perform at the 2011 Stone Soul Food & Music Festival. Wess Morgan began traveling and singing gospel music at a young age along side his parents, Pastors Joesph & Yolanda Morgan and siblings Joey and Delana. By the time Wess was 10yrs of age, his life took a turn for what appeared to be devastation with no point of return. Wess began using drugs and drinking alcohol, which quickly turned to him abusing both substances. The abuse took several turns including repeated jail sentences along with time spent in recovery centers away from home, family and friends. Although many had given up on Wess, his family and close friends held on to their faith in God that Wess would be delivered from a grim life filled with so many uncertainties.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3sWe6_qoWI&w=625&h=420%5D

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