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We all have our different ways we like to sleep. Some people prefer to be on their stomach, others their back, some their sides, some with thousands of pillows, others with none, with blankets on, with blankets off, listening to music, with our pets in the bed, with the air-conditioner and the heater on at the same time…. the list goes on. You get my drift, our sleeping patterns are as different as we are.

But, relationship expert Dr. Pam Spurr, says that the way we sleep can say a lot about our relationship status. She spoke to Nine MSN recently and gave them the lowdown on what our different sleeping styles can say about us, and how connected we may be to our romantic partners.

1. ‘Spooning’ with the male behind

According to Dr. Spurr, ‘spooning’ with the man behind, is a protective and sensual way to sleep. It signifies a protective stance by the male, because it makes a woman feel that her partner is willing to look after her. This position hints at a traditional relationship.

2. Spooning with the woman behind

Spooning, with the woman behind, hints at a very nurturing relationship and shows that the woman is the backbone of the relationship. She cuddles her partner and makes him feel loved and secure in this position. Dr. Spurr notes that, in this relationship the man wouldn’t be frightened of letting his partner be his emotional anchor.

3. Both partners sleep on their sides, with their backs turned to each other.

Both people facing the edge of the bed signals that you lack connection with each other and you may suffer from a lack of intimacy. It generally signifies two independent people, who run their own lives, however, this independence in the bedroom may lead to a lack of intimacy and loss of emotional connection in the long term.

4. He sleeps on his back while she’s on her side cuddled up into his arms.

This position provides full on contact and sleeping this way signals you simply can’t resist cuddling up and feeling that closeness. Dr. Spurr says that you’re probably still in the honeymoon phase of your relationship and should make sure you don’t lose some of that desire as time goes on.

5. She sleeps on her back while he’s on her side cuddled up into her arms.

In this position, he’s signaling that he really needs you, and he wants a real emotional connection and to feel comforted by you.

Hmmm…. Interesting. But I’m wondering, how many people actually sleep cuddled up to someone all night? Don’t you just need your own space after a while?

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