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A recent study done by Yale University shows that women that are involved in happy relationships usually have a less attachment to material things, while those in unhappy relationships hold on to them.The study surveyed over 200 women ranging in ages 18-70.

The study, as reported by, claims that: “if people do not feel loved and accepted by others, they turn to material items and monetary possessions to boost their confidence and security. In turn, people in happier relationships may not stress as much about the next paycheck or the latest designer bag.”


Margaret Clark, author of the study, quoted “We conducted two studies, and the basic finding in both is that if you make people feel interpersonally secure, they’ll place a lower monetary value on possessions. I think people consciously know very well that they don’t need everything they want to acquire or have. They don’t need to be told that. But, they may not be aware of why they do this.”

I definitely can see this happening. As women, we always use retail therapy to heal us when we’re feeling a little down, especially when it comes to matters of relationships.  What do you think? Are you guilty of clinging to material objects to take your mind off of a bad relationship?

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