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With Valentine’s Day steadily approaching many of you are scratching your heads, while squeezing pennies, trying to figure out how to wow your woman, without breaking the bank. Of course there are some ball-er shot callers out there who have the funds to go all out, but lack vision on what exactly to do with them. Let’s face it, it’s a recession so this won’t be the case for the average Joe. Well rather your money is looking funny or your doe is on swole, here are 5 tips that can help make Valentine’s Day a sexy, memorable day for the lady in your life that makes your day, every day!

5. Candlelit Dinner and A Massage

Send the kids away, clean up the crib, and make a candle lit dinner for two. Drop rose pedals from the front door to the dining room table and place a single stem rose upon her seat. Serve your lady like the queen that she is. After dinner lead her to the bedroom and rub her down with warm oil, giving her a full body massage while expressing to her how much you care. ( ooooh juicy)

Candle $5, rose pedals $6, stem rose $3, oil $6, dinner – priceless. (or about $30) = $ 50

4. Send Flowers and Fun

Of course sending flowers to her job seems like the obvious thing to do on Valentine’s Day, but let’s step it up a notch or two. Start the day by sending an “ I love you” E-card to her email at 9a. Send a bouquet of lilies at 10a. Send an Edible Arrangement at 1p, followed by a vase of Red Roses at 4p. By 5p she will be the talk of the office and more than happy to tell you how much you’ve made her day. ( AAh SWEETIE PIE)

E card – free, lilies $40, Edible Arrangement $30, Red Roses $40 = $110

3. Make Up and a Meal

Dinner at a nice restaurant is always exciting, especially if you haven’t been out on the town in a while. This year give your lady a $50 gift certificate to Mac where she can get her make- up done for free, while purchasing a few essentials for the special evening. Let her get dolled up and beautiful and take her out for a night on the town. We all know that restaurants can be a bit of a hassle on holidays. Everywhere from Ruth Chris to Olive Garden will be packed, so call ahead and make reservations early. If you are looking to do something really romantic the Boat House at Rocket’s Landing is a great choice. Enjoy an immaculate meal, while over- looking the riverside. ( sounds like a date out of a movie- JUICY)

Mac Gift Card $50, dinner $ 60 -80 = ($110 –$ 130)

2. Wine and a Whirlpool

Book a hotel room preferably at one of the luxury hotels downtown. (This causes for a more scenic stay.) Be sure to pick a room that’s equipped with a Jacuzzi or Oversized Spa tub. Drop rose pedals from the front door, to the bed, to the hot tub. Serve your lady chocolate, strawberries, and Moscato while she relaxes in a warm bubble bath. ( super romantic)

Hotel stay $160, rose pedals $6, chocolate and strawberries $8, Moscato $15-$30 = ($189 – $204)

1.Stems and Stilettos

Let’s face it some of you out there are joined with a more diva-licious glamour girl. If fashion floats her boat, then let’s take a different approach. Choose the room that’s farthest from the bedroom, yet closest to the front door. Leave the house before she does and call her in the morning awaking her from her sleep. Ask her to go to the car to check something for you. Before she reaches the front door have a bouquet of flowers accompanied by a little fashion, plopped up for her to see. Next to the flowers leave a gift box or two. Surprise her with a fierce pair of pumps and a matching purse. From Aldo to Christian Louboutin there’s away to make her smile, on any budget. Don’t be concerned with the superstition “ If you buy a woman shoes, she will walk out of your life”. Trust me if you get her the right shoes ( aka red bottoms) she won’t be going anywhere without your for a long time! ( HOOOTTT.. my kind of man!)

Flowers $40, pumps and bag ($ 2oo – a few hundred depends on your budget) = ($240 and up)

Now for the over achievers out there, if you really want to go all out, combine all five things into one romantic weekend. At the end of the day you don’t have to go all out, but wouldn’t it be nice to make this Valentine’s Day, an especially memorable day for you both!!

Words by: Koya L

Happy Cupid Day!!!

Koya L is a native of Richmond, VA. She is a 24 year old author, contributing journalist, and model. As CEO of Literary Diamond Publications, you can pick up her first literary jewel “ ALL MONEY IS LEGAL” at http://www.literarydiamond.com or http://www.amazon.com