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Toni Braxton is finally opening up about her recent split with her husband Keri Lewis. The “Unbreak My Heart” singer spoke with the UK newspaper ‘The Voice Online’, and revealed that she’s not entirely sure why the marriage broke down:

“I’m newly separated – no-one really knows what went wrong,” Braxton said. “My husband and I are still cool – we get along great. But that could become challenging. If things go further, you may read about some things… things will have to be split and all of that.”

However, the US songstress is hopeful that the split won’t become a messy battle that’s played out in the public eye.

“Oh, it’ll nothing like that,” she said. “We were friends for years before we started dating and we’ve been married for almost nine years. I’m a little sad about it and I can’t see anything down the line because it’s all so new. We’re sorting different things right now.”