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Going sans pants in the winter is not the smartest thing to do. You’re showcasing your more-than-likey dry legs, hairy legs (girls tend to get lazy in the cold winter months), and extreme paleness, but Improv Everywhere followers do it every year. If you don’t live in the 50 cities in the 24 countries that participated, you missed out yesterday — it was the 10th year of showing off your bare lower half to the subway goers.

Each year Improv Everywhere, a group known for bringing people together to do shocking things but in a relaxed way, gathers a group of “agents” to meet up and then go for a casual ride on the train. Virginia wasn’t one of the participating states, but in New York people gathered at six different locations throughout NYC and the outer boroughs at 3:00 p.m., sharp! The people were asked to wear normal winter clothes, de-pants themselves in the train station, and then ride the train like nothing is out of the ordinary.

My friend experienced pants-less girls doing pull-ups on the train on his way home –not totally in the rules–, but I personally did not see any underwear-only goers. To me, the whole thing seems a little unsanitary, — remember some nasty people like to lay, pee, puke, etc. in trains — but, hey, I guess spreading laughter and smiles is worthwhile, right?

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