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Last week, the mother of an 8-year-old boy in Memphis says one of the girls in his third grade class performed a sex act on him in the school library, during school hours.

Lashonna Lee never expected to have “the talk” with her 3rd grade son this week., but after a 9-year-old female classmate allegedly performed a sex act on him, she says she had no choice. She says her son tried to stop it from happening, by raising his hand to get the librarian’s attention.

The teacher told him if he’s not telling on himself, don’t tell on anyone else, and that’s when he put his hand down, and the little girl proceeded. Lee says the assistant principal called her Wednesday, although the incident happened on Monday.

The assistant principal told her the librarian was reprimanded and the girl in question was suspended, but the school refuses to remove the girl from her son’s class. Lee will go to the school board next week asking her son be transferred to a different school; she has an attorney, and says a civil lawsuit could be in the works.